Kinomatic App Update: Camera Presets, Super Persist, Focus Re-locking & more

Version 1.7.0

New Features

Store the complete current camera configuration for later re-use. Just create a preset and give it a name, and select the preset from your preset list at any time to re-configure the camera to those exact same settings.
We also added default presets for popular settings. Check out presets for Filmmakers, Broadcast Journalists (EU 25fps) and Broadcast Journalists (US 30fps)


With Super Persist the camera will remember its full configuration between sessions, including ISO, shutter speed, white balance and focus (lens position). A great way to ensure consistency when you are shooting in controlled conditions.
Using Super Persist is optional and can be switched on in the camera settings. With Super Persist turned off, the camera will always start up with auto focus / auto exposure / auto white balance.


When focus is locked and tap in the camera preview to refocus, focus is locked again when refocusing completes. (With thanks to Mark for the suggestion)

Improved Features
• Clips recorded with the front facing camera are now stored right-side-up.
• The toggle to turn the grid-of-thirds overlay on and off has been moved to the camera settings menu.

Thanks to everyone for their feedback and bug reports. If you have further feedback or questions, please email us at help[at]kinomatic[dot]co

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